Apartment Investing 103

Purchasing an apartment investment is one thing, but then what? How do you manage the manager, where are your CapEx dollars best spent, what are the signs you are hitting your proforma and what do you do when you’re not? The Apartment Investing 103 course takes a deep dive into the “then what” of apartment investing once you have closed a deal and want to really fine tune the operations. After all, investing in an apartment deal is just half the battle, the real work starts once you are in control of the deal… and your investors money. 

Everything I have is thanks to Robert and Rockstar Capital. He took my $100k investment 10 years ago and through his leadership it has grown to over $1M today.
-Luis Becerra 

What this course Covers

Setting Your CapEx Budget 

In this module we will discuss the components of CapEx, what to look for when touring a property, the bidding process, pricing on certain CapEx items and what items offer the best ROI for your investment.

Vetting a Property Manager 

In this module we will discuss the role and responsibility of a property manager, go over 5 key factors when choosing a manager, and outline the fees and structure of a typical property manager agreement.

The Asset Manager 

In this module we focus on what an asset manager does, what they should do on their first on site meeting, your options when it comes to asset management and the risk of not having an asset manager.

CapEx Management

In this module we cover all the basics of CapEx management including, estimates vs. quotes, deadlines, source of CapEx, Draws, reallocating balances and tracking the status of your CapEx.

Traffic and Rental Increases 

In this module we will cover the sources of your leasing traffic, benchmarking your desired rental increases, go over the rental increase template and cover exceptions to the benchmarks.

The Apartment Pulse & KPI’s 

In this module we will go over your properties key performance indicators, weekly vs. monthly monitoring, ranges for your KPI’s and how to build your own custom template.

Apartment Investing 103

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