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Robert Martinez is the most awarded apartment syndicator in the nation and, in these courses, he teaches you all the tips and tricks that have changed his life through passive multifamily apartment investing. Not only will he teach you how to invest in apartments successfully, but also how to build a brand around yourself as an apartment investing syndicator and how to successfully manage and oversee your assets after the purchase. Whether you are looking to self-manage your own multifamily apartment investments like Robert does, would like to hire a 3rd-party manager, or simply want to learn more about the multifamily apartment investing process to better understand your own passive investments, Robert and his team will walk you through the entire process step-by-step with over 20 hours of on-demand content. It's never been easier to take control of your financial freedom.

Everything I have is thanks to Robert and Rockstar Capital. He took my $100k investment 10 years ago and through his leadership it has grown to over $1M today.
-Luis Becerra 
No matter your experience level The Apartment Rockstar has a course for you! No experience needed! 

Apartment Investing 101

The Basics

Get comfortable with industry terms, understand the power of networking, learn how to find deals, and more in this 101 course for beginners.

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Apartment Investing 102


Ready to start investing? This course provides you with a step by step guide on how to build your team, evaluate an investment opportunity, and purchase your first apartment deal.

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Apartment Investing 103


What happens once you have won your deal? This course teaches you how to build an apartment rehab budget, how to capitalize off of becoming the asset manager, and what KPI’s you need to focus on to keep your deal on track. 

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Apartment Investing Master Class

101, 102, & 103 all included, PLUS endless access to our continuing educational content and case studies on topics such as, how to refinance a deal, the importance of protesting your taxes and how to do it, lease file audits and much more.

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