Apartment Investing 102

Know the basics of apartment investing and feel like you're ready to start learning what it takes to syndicate your own deal? Apartment Investing 102 is the perfect course to help you start building your team and execute on the steps it takes to syndicate your first apartment investment. This course takes a deep dive into the step by step process that The Apartment Rockstar uses to successfully close on millions of dollars worth of apartments each year. This course also includes many valuable templates to help you succeed in your multifamily apartment investing career.

Everything I have is thanks to Robert and Rockstar Capital. He took my $100k investment 10 years ago and through his leadership it has grown to over $1M today.
-Luis Becerra 

What this course Covers

The Steps to Purchasing a Multifamily Investment Property 

In this module we will outline and discuss the steps to purchase a property in order. Initial evaluation, initial property tour, full underwriting, letter of intent, debt quote, property manager forecast, purchase agreement, due diligence, drafting legal docs, firm up debt quote, inspection review, capital raise webinar, on site property manager meeting, final walk through, and closing on the property.

Building Your Syndication Team

In this module we will cover what is required to purchase an apartment, the ideal general principal (GP) team, other 3rd party people you will need, and why apartment investing is a team sport.

Underwriting and Evaluating 

In this module we will underwrite a deal and walk you through the step by step process of using our underwriting template to successfully evaluate a multifamily investment. 

Running Multifamily Comps 

In this module we will cover where to search for comparable properties, what are “like” properties, comparing amenity factors, and why it’s important to compare unit features. Knowing your comps well can make or break a deal so pay close attention in this module! 

How to Structure Your Deal

In this module we will cover what fees you can take as a lead syndicator, your options for SEC filings, sponsorship equity splits, and distributions to your investors. 

Letter of Intent 

Most first time apartment investors never make it past the point of providing a Letter of Intent. This is a critical piece of the puzzle in order for your offer to be taken seriously. In this module we will go over an LOI outline and discuss how to structure your LOI content so you stand out as a serious candidate to a selling broker. 

Due Diligence File Review 

In this module we will discuss what you should be requesting during the due diligence process and what you should be looking for in each item received. 

Deciding on Debt

In this module we will discuss your sources for multifamily debt, the factors in deciding your multifamily debt, different types of multifamily debt, and what multifamily debt is right for you. 

Building a Business Plan

You can’t pitch an apartment investment without a business plan. In this module we will go over the business plan outline, the context of the business plan, and what investors want to see. 

Apartment Investing 102

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