Apartment Investing 101

The Apartment Investing 101 is our entry level course to help you learn the basic fundamentals of apartment investing. Everybody has to start somewhere and this basic fundamentals course offers everything you need to move forward building your apartment investing dream. 

Everything I have is thanks to Robert and Rockstar Capital. He took my $100k investment 10 years ago and through his leadership it has grown to over $1M today.
-Luis Becerra 

What this course Covers

Financial and Industry Terms

Understand the key terms you need to know in order to speak and understand the language of multifamily apartment investing.

Basic Financial Analysis 

In this module we will review and understand the P&L, T12, Rent Roll, and OM. We will also give you the quick back of the napkin formula to determine a properties value based off of the T12 information.

Six Ways to Make Money in Apartment Investing 

In this module we will be discussing the acquisition fee, disposition fee, asset management fee, property management fee, value creation, and sponsorship equity.

Passive vs. Active Apartment Investing 

In this module we will discuss the role of a passive investor, lead sponsor, and co-sponsor. We will also cover the compensation for each and how to become a co-sponsor.

The Value of Networking 

In this module we will discuss how to meet new investors, how to find apartment investing events, how to house your investor leads and how to nurture those leads.

How to vet a sponsor 

In this module, we will cover categories to help you vet your sponsor including, how to review the deal and the sponsor team, how to limit your risk, and understanding the strategy and exit.

Defining Your Purchase Criteria 

In this module we will cover, defining your area of focus, your proximity to your investments, market factors you should consider, how many units you should aim for and why and the importance of having boots on the ground.

Finding Deals

In this module we look at where to search for properties online, events to attend and find properties, how to get properties to come to you, and tips to win properties from brokers.

Apartment Investing 101

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