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The Apartment Rockstar

Robert Martinez, CEO of Rockstar Capital.
  • Aaron Twyman | Podcast 20

    Robert is joined by rockstar’s own Aaron Twyman to discuss Aarons history with Rockstar Capital and his recent accomplishments.

  • Malissa Alvarado: Rockstar Capital COO | Episode 19

    Robert Martinez’s right hand, Malissa Alvarado, had a chance to be on the podcast this week. Having been at Rockstar since they turned the lights on in 2011, Malissa Alvarado has climbed to the top as COO of Rockstar Capital Management. They take a trip down memory lane to see how she got her start with the company and what's changed in 10 years.

  • 2019 #WalkForTheCure Follow Up | Podcast 018

    On today’s episode of The Apartment Rockstar Podcast, I'm sitting down with some of our digital marketing team and one of our beneficiaries of the Ninfa Martinez Butterfly Fund, Peggy Williams. Listen while we discuss this years #WalkForTheCure and how we were able to help Mrs.Peggy with her treatment costs!

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