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Celebrating Your Financial Independence

August 5, 2020

As we come upon another 4th of July weekend, it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and reflect. Independence can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For me, one of the most valuable things I’ve managed to build in my life is my financial independence. I have freedom from financial worries, wondering how I will provide for my boys, and stressing over the kind of legacy I’ll leave behind.

Here are a few reasons why financial independence should be at the top of your to-do list, and how multifamily investing could be the answer to accomplishing that goal.

Passive Earnings Means No Career Changes

Investing in multifamily real estate doesn’t require you to change your career path in order to find success. In fact, the only career change you’d probably consider making after investing passively in multifamily is early retirement. It affords you a new source of income where the only work required on your part is choosing which deal to invest in and which operator you can trust with your equity.

Did We Mention Early Retirement Yet?

I don’t believe in 401k’s. Full stop. I don’t believe in putting my money into something I can’t control. One of my earliest investors had about $100k in his 401k and made the decision to invest that in one of my communities. That $100k has now turned into over $1.7 Million and all he had to do was collect his checks and re-invest. Multifamily lets you invest your hard-earned money in something with a clearly defined value-add strategy. If you back the right operator, they’ll allow you to grow your wealth exponentially.

More Free Time, Less Stress

What is that one thing you’re always telling yourself you’ll do, but you never find time for? Multifamily investing could be the key to finally making that time. Without the world of multifamily real estate, I would have never gained the ability to take my free time back. That time that normally would be spent stressing about my next career move and providing for my actually gets spent with my family. When you replace your income with a passive source, it opens up a wealth of new doors you never thought possible.

Interested in learning more? You have two options! On July 15th at 1pm CST, I’m hosting a FREE webinar on Multifamily Investing and how COVID-19 is affecting our market. You’d be surprised at some of the silver linings presented by an international pandemic; this won’t be a webinar you’ll want to miss.

Just ten days later, we’re having our next Rockstar Tour, a full-day networking and educational event where you’ll have complete access to me and my team, network with other multifamily investors (both new and seasoned), and get a first-hand tour of some of our most successful properties. It will be an unmissable chance to get a tangible look at how we grow our investor's equity and how investing with Rockstar just might be your best retirement plan.

I hope to see you at both events, but for now, enjoy your 4th of July weekend and set your plan for financial independence!