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Creating a Culture that WINS

August 5, 2020

What does winning look like, as a company? It can take the form of financial success, awards, growth, or a multitude of other markers. Whatever your definition of winning, you need a company that WINS. You need a team with a winning mindset. Building a culture around a winning mindset means that you don’t just show up to compete, you play to win and win every time. It’s a culture that takes time and care to build, but with these steps, you’ll be on the right track.

Express Your Terms of the Win

It seems simple, but no one in your team can work towards victory if they don’t know what that victory looks like. At Rockstar, our terms of the win are to reach 10,000 units. It’s not a finish line, but a milestone. This goal has been communicated tirelessly to everyone inside the company and everyone on the outside as well.

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It takes no time at all when going through our social media to come across this goal because when you overcommunicate a goal, you’re then given an imperative to follow-it up and achieve that goal. You can always have more than one; at Rockstar we strive to win whatever industry awards we can be considered for. This leads us to step 2:

Give Your Team a Reason to Believe

Your team needs to believe they are capable of winning, that their work is deserving of recognition. This starts on the ground floor. Encouraging your team when they succeed is a must, but even more importantly, you need to encourage them when they fail. When things don’t go as planned, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and figure out how we can do it better. Everyone at Rockstar takes pride in their work, they believe in their ability to be excellent. We all expect excellence, not out of fear, but out of our pride in each other.

Care for Your Team

When you help someone reach their goals, they will be there for you to reach yours. To create a culture that wins, get to know your team and their wants, needs, and desires. Rockstar is a real estate company but real estate, like all industries, is a people business. This extends far beyond the residents and directly to the team.

When you join the Rockstar team, you join the family. Just as your goals align with ours, we want to help you reach yours as well. All of this drives the desire to be the best, to expect results, and to win.