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Giving the Big Leagues a Reason to Sweat

August 5, 2020

Underestimated is the best possible position to operate in. You can’t ask for a better way to be perceived by your competition, because they’ll never see you coming for their market-share.

Too many businesses sell themselves short, thinking that they have to reach a certain threshold before they can compete in the big leagues, but the truth is there is no threshold. The only requirement to taking the fight to your biggest competitors is your work ethic and willingness to give it everything you have.

Just last week, J. Turner Research announced it’s 2019 Elite 1% ORA Power Rankings which measures over 116,000 properties across the nation’s online reputation and ranks the Top 1%. Five of Rockstar Capital’s properties ranked in the top 1%: Park at Deerbrook, Northlake Manor, Deerbrook Forest, Westwood Village, and Brookmoore Hollow.

This means Rockstar Capital ranked #2 overall in Houston in direct comparison to competitors who have well over 10 times the unit count that we do. All it takes to go toe to toe with them is a hunger to be the best. It’s when they get big, complacent, and sleepy that you’ll have all the opportunity to innovate and excel.

It’s not a secret that your reputation matters or that good reviews will help to drive occupancy, but oftentimes we get scared of a potentially bad review and lose out on a multitude of great ones because we don’t promote them! The fact is, if a 1-star review comes in, that might be an opportunity to shine a light on a major issue and make that resident your biggest fan for listening.

Sure, there will be times when someone got evicted for delinquency and posts a 1-star review out of spite, but that will happen regardless of whether you ask for reviews. In fact, if you want to keep your review scores up, you absolutely have to ask for reviews to offset the unavoidable grievances.

We’re living proof that you can prove your worth in this industry at a fraction of the size. The most exciting part is we’re growing a pace that is as steady as it is rapid. If we have five properties in the Top 1% at just under 4,000 units, imagine what we could do at 10,000!