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If You Want to Change Your Life, Change Your Mindset

August 5, 2020

Is your life in your control? Do you have the ability to change your circumstance? The answer to this question doesn’t matter, because it’s your mindset that does. There are times in life that we’re faced with circumstances that are entirely out of our control, but this does not mean that we are powerless to do anything to combat those circumstances. It’s important to continuously realign your mindset to match the circumstance you find yourself in; here’s how you can do that.

If You Don’t Have it, Get it

For circumstances that are in your control, it’s important to create a plan for getting where you want to be. Some people think that they’re owed success in life (and that’s a debate many people find themselves locked in), but owed or not, I see no reason not to chase your dream. If you sit around waiting for someone to hand it to you, it probably won’t happen. Chances are that someone will beat you there.

Figure out the steps from Point A to Point B and execute on what you can. What skills, knowledge, or connections can you make in order to inch a little closer to your goal? What turns a lot of people off to chasing their goals is that reaching their goals takes a lot longer than expected. Sometimes you don’t take leaps and bounds towards success and, as cliché as it is to say, you have to take baby steps sometimes.

Uncontrollable Circumstance Does Not Equate Powerlessness

We are never in control of what life throws our way. No one expects to get rear-ended in a parking lot, but we have car insurance for those kinds of unforeseeable events. You can’t always prepare for every situation, but no matter how heavy circumstance may be weighing on you, there is always something you can do to combat it. Giving up is not an option.

When life comes down hard, find a way to fight it. Even if you only gain an inch on circumstance, that’s an inch that you’ve earned against the odds. When Harris County raised property values by ridiculous amounts, that was a circumstance out of our control. The difference is that we didn’t simply accept this as uncontrollable, we fought for our investors. Taxes still raised at some of our properties, but not nearly as much as they would have if we hadn’t contested the raise. Don’t ever be a victim of circumstance, make circumstance a victim of you.