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Ready to Make a Game-Changing Decision?

July 27, 2020

It has been a wild year so far; I doubt anyone would argue against that. Back in March, COVID-19 killed two of our deals, one of which was already under contract. The pandemic put us into a forced slow-down, acquisition-wise, but gave us an opportunity to fine-tune our team and operational procedures.

Now that we’re operating better than ever, it’s time to start doing what we do best: purchasing multifamily apartment complexes, operating them with the award-winning Rockstar Capital team, and delivering substantial returns to our multifamily investors.

So we have two things we’re dying to show you: how Rockstar Capital has evolved in the last three months, and our latest opportunity to invest!

On July 30th, at 11:00 AM CDT we're holding a webinar where you'll get to sit in on a Rockstar Capital roundtable discussion on our latest additions to the Rockstar Capital team, our outlook on the multifamily market, as well as the unveiling of our next investment opportunity!

With each investor meetup, tour, and webinar we complete, we get a lot of valuable feedback from each of our investors. With this new opportunity, we're providing the solution to our two most common investor requests. You'll have to tune-in to find out exactly what they are, but we couldn’t be more excited to unveil the new multifamily investment opportunity we’ve been hard at work at.

We also want to give you a chance to meet some of the newest key players on the Rockstar Capital team, from our new lead of operations boasting experience leading more than 20,000 unit portfolios, to the multifamily investing and apartment syndication expert heading up our new educational offerings, we have plenty of new and expert faces we know you’ll want to be familiar with.

If you haven't registered on our investor portal yet, now is the time! It’s the most sure-fire way to ensure you hear all of Rockstar Capital’s latest news, multifamily investment opportunities, and get a chance to join one of our apartment investing deals when they go live!