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The Ideal Benefits Package

August 5, 2020

Unhappy with your current job’s benefits program? Lose a significant amount of your 401k in the last few weeks?

I’m here to tell you there’s a better way, a profession that offers the best retirement plan and you can earn it all passively. You hear me talk about passive multifamily real estate investments, how it can change your life, and how it is one of the most stable investments you can make, but what benefits does that offer practically?

Obviously cash flow is one of them. When I was still working in the oil and gas industry, I constantly felt limited in what I could accomplish and what I could make. They constantly told us that the only limit to what we could make was how much we could sell; that just wasn’t true.

When I found multifamily real estate, I found a game with clear rules where I could dictate my own success. As a result, I’ve surpassed every expectation I had for myself and I have obtained financial security for both me and my boys.

The difference is, I manage each of Rockstar Capital’s deals. I don’t pawn that responsibility off to another third part management company like many others typically do. That means that when you invest in a Rockstar Capital community, you get all of the passive benefits and income, without the headache of making sure your investment runs smoothly.

That means more time to focus on what’s important to you. We’ve had investors retire much earlier than they had ever planned, travel the world, spend time with their families in volumes that would never have been possible otherwise. Some of our investors have the time to focus on themselves and their personal fitness, learn new skills or even have the freedom to pursue new professional ventures they feel passionate about because of the financial freedom that passive investments can provide.

Becoming a passive investor isn’t a guaranteed success. Educating yourself on the investments you’ll be getting involved in and finding the right person to invest it with is imperative. You back the jockey, not the horse; often times it’s the operator that makes a deal into a success story. Luckily, Rockstar Capital can provide both the education you’re looking for while also acting as one of the best multifamily operators in the country.

We’re launching a brand new mini-course where I’ll share The Secrets to Building Real Wealth Through Apartment Investing. You’ll get direct access to tips and techniques I’ve used to lead Rockstar Capital through 12 100% cash-out refinance events since 2011 (and another three before founding Rockstar), 17 city, state, and national apartment association awards, and how I became the first-ever two-time NAA Independent Owner of the Year. You can’t find a course with that pedigree anywhere else. You can sign up here!