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The Inspiration to Innovate Part Two: Gary Vaynerchuk

August 5, 2020

Part two of our series centers around our meeting with branding, marketing, and entrepreneurial guru Gary Vaynerchuk eight months ago. As with the other entries in this series, this meeting laid the foundation for innovation that has helped Rockstar stay above the noise.

Telling a Story

Gary is a big proponent of storytelling, no matter your industry. Similar to Grant Cardone’s concept of creating a personal brand, Gary inspired us to take that even further by taking our story and telling it through a constant stream of article, video, and social content.

Absolutely everyone has a story worth telling. Everyone has experienced the act of meeting someone new and exchanging stories of what you love to do, where you grew up, etc. You can take that story and turn into content to grow your brand.

Reputation Management

Word of mouth is an incredible tool in your marketing arsenal. Reputation management boils down to one simple concept: People are more likely to do business with you if you have positive reviews. You can’t undercut the value of a testimonial when for many, it is the deciding factor when choosing between two options.

Since finding the inspiration to make this focus, Rockstar has built an unrivaled reputation for resident satisfaction across our properties. In fact, four of our properties rank among the top 1% in resident satisfaction nation-wide. Our reviews on google, facebook, and other platforms stand as proof that we care about our residents and that they have found their perfect new home.

Back to Basics

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The last big takeaway from Gary that made for a major innovation at Rockstar is putting a focus on basic services. When you move into a new apartment it can have all of the flashiest amenities in the world, but if it’s lacking in providing you with basic services, you’ll never want to renew.

Hot water, fast internet capabilities, strong water pressure, and uninterrupted A/C are the basics you simply cannot afford to have fail. When Rockstar performs a #RockstarRehab on a new property, we replace every A/C unit and boiler onsite to ensure that every resident has a unit that will not break down when they need it most. These also come with brand new warranties to allow us to quickly and efficiently fix them in case disaster does strike. It’s amazing what simply delivering on those basic services can do for your renewal rates.