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Who is Your Mentor?

September 22, 2020

Do you think you need a mentor? Do you have someone who can fill that role? Or maybe you don’t see that as a necessity. I can speak from my own experience; mentorship has been a key factor in my professional growth and personal success. To achieve success, you first need an idea or a plan. When you’re executing your plan, there are two main factors that determine your success, and mentorship plays a key role in both.

Minimizing Mistakes

When you first conceive of your new plan for success, it’s easy to get excited and start chasing that dream immediately. No one likes to be told to wait or have to do homework before embarking on such an exciting prospect. You can either dive-in alone and power through numerous mistakes and learning experiences, but more than likely find yourself discouraged and ready to quit.

Mentorship comes in when you’re ready to take the plunge but can’t afford to waste time finding your own way through the dark. When you find a mentor, you don’t have to make mistakes, because you have someone guiding you through. They can help you gain momentum and speed, something that can only happen if you have someone showing you the map. They can’t carry you over every single pitfall, but no one goes into uncharted territory without a guide.

Speed, Momentum, and Seizing Opportunity

The alternative to stumbling blindly through your new venture is taking the time to learn its ins and outs on your own. It’s always good to exercise a cautious approach, but you have to be mindful of momentum. Waiting too long can mean you lose the opportunity that could make or break you. Time is a finite resource that must be properly managed; having a mentor to show you their method for success can streamline your ability to gain momentum.

Remember, when you stall out, life gets in the way and you get discouraged. If you lose momentum, you lose your motivation, so guard momentum with a tight grip. Jumping into something without being wholly prepared isn’t smart, but knowing you have a mentor guiding you through that decision allows you to make decisions faster and with greater efficacy.

Finding a mentor may not be as easy for some as it is for others but knowing where to look is key. For me, it was the multitude of real estate podcasts and publications I consumed that led me straight to my first real estate club. The keyword there is consume. To make your success worth both your and your mentor’s time, you have to be hungry for it. Find what you want more than anything, find someone who can help light the way, and make sure you can sustain whatever momentum you build.

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