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The Inspiration to Innovate Part One: Grant Cardone

August 5, 2020

Part one of our article series on what I’ve learned from some of the world’s best branding and marketing giants centers around my meeting with Grant Cardone last year. This meeting was the beginning of a new chapter for Rockstar Capital as a whole, as each bit of information I was able to glean from Grant served as a foundation for inspiration. That inspiration led to the innovations responsible for some of Rockstar’s most prestigious successes.

Bigger IS Better

This small phrase has made a huge impact on my personal and professional life. There was a time when Rockstar did only one or two deals each year. The properties we would buy were on the smaller side; usually around 130 units, sometimes less. Technically, you could say we were growing, but in reality, we were staying stagnant and too afraid to take a larger leap.

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The amount of business we do now has grown exponentially. We do multiple deals each year, look at much larger and nicer properties, and spend more time and resources on our brand and marketing than ever before. This change of growth patters had given us more units, leads, and leases. Having more of all of those means we have more resources to work with because we set ourselves up to work out of abundance, not scarcity. Bigger is better because bigger is more than just sustainable, it thrives!

Personal Branding

Our second innovation that resulted from our meeting was the concept of personal branding. Rockstar Capital is our brand, but Robert Martinez’s brand is just as important to create and cultivate. That’s the reason you even have these articles to read in the first place!

The Apartment Rockstar brand gives Rockstar Capital a personable edge on the competition because it isn’t just a name, it’s a face. What’s even more, is that because I brand the company around my personal name, my skin is in the game more than anyone else. It allows me to interact directly with our investors, other entrepreneurs, and even our residents to let them know they’re cared about. It’s imperative to give a brand a face that people can relate to, rather than leave it to an impersonal corporate logo to connect with others.